World Wide Weather Briefing - Event Week 2013

From 20th to 24th May 2013, EUMeTrain organized a "World Wide Weather Briefing". This event week comprised the weather analysis from all corners of the world focusing on challenges that forecasters have to face around the globe. The presenters were local weather forecasters that guided the audience through the regional weather characteristics they are facing throughout the year. This event week was a great opportunity to expand meteorological knowledge to other regions outside Europe and learn about the specialties of weather forecasting on other continents.

Session 1: South Africa

Weather Briefing from South Africa - Lee-Ann Simpson & Jannie Stander, RTC Pretoria, SA
Lee-Ann Simpson is currently working as a meteorological trainer in the Regional Training Center (RTC) in Pretoria. She worked as an operational forecaster from 2003-2008, after which she started in the training department. She presently lectures to Post graduate forecasting students, focusing on Specialized weather forecasting and satellite meteorology. Through the University of Pretoria, she lectures satellite meteorology and Tropical meteorology to honours students. Her interests lie in short term forecasting, severe weather and all satellite based interpretation of weather phenomena. She has a BSc (Hon) in Meteorology from the University of Pretoria and she is currently completing her MSc through the same institution.
Jannie Stander has worked as an operational weather forecaster from 1998 to 2005. Since 2006 Jannie has been working in the Regional Training Centre at Pretoria providing marine (2006-2008) and aviation forecaster training (2008-current). His main interests are aviation meteorology, synoptic meteorology and satellite interpretation and he is involved with several international working groups within these disciplines. He holds a BSc Hons degree in Meteorology at the University of Pretoria and is currently completing his MSc at the same University.

Recording Lee-Ann Simpson & Jannie Stander

Session 2: North America

Weather Briefing from the Unites States - Dan Bikos, CIRA, USA
Dan Bikos received his BS in Meteorology at the State University of New York College at Brockport (1995), and MS in Meteorology from the University of Oklahoma (1998). His areas of interest include severe weather, lake-effect snow and applications of satellite imagery to weather forecasting, particularly on the mesoscale. Dan has been a research associate at CIRA since 1998 working for the Virtual Institute for Satellite Integration Training (VISIT) project in which he develops training for NWS forecasters. Distance learning software (VISITview) combined with a conference call are utilized to deliver the training to NWS forecast offices. Dan has instructed more than 300 hours of live teletraining sessions, primarily dealing with operational applications of satellite imagery.

Recording Dan Bikos

Session 3: South Korea

Weather Briefing from South Korea - Ok Hee Kim, Korea Meteorological Administration, South Korea
Ok Hee received her BSc in Astronomy at the Chungbuk National University at Chungchungbukdo the province of South Korea (1992), and MSc in Meteorology from the Seoul National University in Seoul South Korea (2004). She is preparing for the PhD. Her areas of interest include severe weather, lake-effect snow, Asian dust, fog and applications of satellite imagery to weather forecasting, particularly on the mesoscale. She worked at weather forecasting division as assistant for weather forecaster for 3 years from 1992 and satellite image analyst 3 years from 1996. She has been a research associate at NMSC (National Meteorological Satellite Center) KMA (Korea Meteorological Administration) since 2006. She is currently working as a meteorological satellite image trainer and analyzer of COMS (Communication Ocean Meteorological Satellite) image for KMA's weather forecaster in NMSC. Presently, she is trying to develop Conceptual Models which are applicated in East Asia after training SATREP in ZAMG.

Recording Ok Hee Kim

Session 4: Brazil

Weather Briefing from the Brazil - Humberto A. Barbosa, Federal University of Alagoas, Brazil
Humberto A. Barbosa received his BS in Meteorology at the University Federal of Campina Grande (1995), and his MS in Remote Sensing from the Brazilian Institute for Spatial Research (INPE) – São José dos Campos (1998) and his PhD in Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences from the University of Arizona – Tucson (2004). Currently, he is an adjunct professor III of the Federal University of Alagoas. He has experience in the area of Geosciences, with emphasis in Climatology, concentrating mainly on the following subjects: interactions atmosphere-biosphere, satellite- and ground-based remote sensing of agricultural and environmental areas for extraction of soil and vegetation biophysical parameters and remote sensing techniques.

Recording Humberto Barbosa

Session 5: Oman

Weather Briefing from the Arabian Peninsula - Mahmood Al-Khayari
He was graduated from Saint Louis University (Missouri State), USA, with BS in meteorology in 2003. Also holding MS in an engineering field from Sultan Qaboos University. Worked with Oman met Service since Feb 2004 until now. he worked as meteorologist specialized in forecasting. He has done different kinds of forecasting: General, Aviation, Marine. Also he worked as a lecturer during this period in many courses such as: Met Technician course, aviation courses for Royal Force courses, marine courses for Oman Royal Navy, and many others. He was recently selected to take care of the chief's duties of Remote sensing and research section.

Recording Mahmood Al-Khayari

Session 6: Canada

Weather Briefing from Canada - Phil Chadwick
Trained at Queen's University as a nuclear physicist, "Phil the Forecaster" has been a professional meteorologist since 1976. Officially retired in 2011 Phil still continues to advance his research efforts with COMET and the Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC). Satellite and radar meteorology are his forte. Much of this research has been published by COMET under the Satellite Palette banner. Phil has also completed original and extensive research on performance measurement. This large body of work resides in the Case Studies section of Northern Latitude Meteorology (NorLatMet/COMET).

Recording Phil Chadwick

Session 7: Australia

Weather Briefing from Australia - Bodo Zeschke, BOM, Australia
Bodo Zeschke received his BS in Physics at the University of New South Wales and MS in Meteorology at Monash University (2001). From 2001 to 2009 he worked as a forecaster at the Darwin Regional Forecasting Centre. During this time Bodo developed an interest in fog and low cloud nowcasting and forecasting for northern Australian regions.

Recording Bodo Zeschke

Session 8: Azores

Weather Briefing from the Azores - Diamantino Henriques, IPMA, Portugal
Diamantino Henriques, received his degree in Atmospheric Physics at the University of Aveiro (1986) and his MS in Meteorology from the University of Lisboa (1996). From 1987 to 2003 he worked in Lisbon as meteorologist on atmospheric ozone and UV radiation issues. He has represented Portugal on several international meetings related with atmospheric composition and has participated in several projects and programs related with atmospheric ozone (GAW), atmospheric pollutants transport (EMEP) and UV radiation (EDUCE). In 2003 he moved to the Azores and worked at Ponta Delgada Airport as a senior meteorologist and forecaster. Later in 2008 he was nominated Head of the Regional Delegation of the Portuguese Institute of Meteorology (IM) in the Azores. Currently, he is the Head of the Azores Regional Delegation of the Portuguese Sea and Atmosphere Institute (IPMA, former IM) that includes the weather forecast service for the Azores.

Recording Diamantino Henriques

Session 8: Europe

Weather Briefing from Europe - Larisa Nikitina, Russia & Vesa Nietosvaara, EUMETSAT, Germany
Vesa Nietosvaara has worked as an operational weather forecaster for twenty years in 1988-2008. Since 1998 Vesa has been working within several training projects and created learning resources for operational meteorologists. Particularly, he is interested in satellite image interpretation and conceptual models for weather diagnosis. Most of his career Vesa has done at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, but since 2012 he works as a Training Officer at EUMETSAT. He assists the EUMeTrain monthly weather briefing team and regularly participates or lead the European online weather briefings (ePort weather briefings).
Larisa (Lara) Nikitina has been working as aviation weather forecaster in Rostov aviation center (Rostov-on-Don, south Russia) since 1985 after training as a weather forecaster in Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RHSU). And since 2010 she became the weather forecaster for Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. Her special interests are the satellite meteorology applications for nowcasting and distance learning.

Recording Larisa Nikitina, Russia & Vesa Nietosvaara