Synoptic and Mesoscale System Analysis - 2021

From 11 January to 22 February 2021, EuMeTrain in collaboration with Eumetcal, KNMI and Meteo Wing - BAF organized an online course on Synoptic and Mesoscale System Analyses. This course focused on improving forecaster skills by using the available satellite data in synoptic and mesoscale analysis. Examples and cases mainly refered to European and adjacent Atlantic regions. The targeted audience were forecasters at meteorological and hydrological services.

The course content was in accordance with the WMO requirements "No 1083, BIP-M".

Access the material

The materials that were used in the course are still kept and sorted out on the course website. The website is hosted on Eumetcal's Learning Management System (LMS) and can be accessed here

*Note that you need to have an account on the Moodle site to access the data. You can create one here.

The next edition of the Synoptic and Mesoscale System Analyses (SMSA) will be held in 2023 and more info about it will come during that year.