EUMeTrain Basic Satellite Course 2018

The Eumetrain Basic Satellite Course was delivered on the Moodle platform and was held in the period of 7 weeks. The course was designed to address the oparational forecasters and to meet the WMO Satellite Competences requirements.

The form of the course was mainly asynchronous, although online practical lectures were provided by teachers so the students get a chance to inform themselves deeper on the subject, ask questions, practice with real case studies, etc.

Lecture 1: Surface Features

Presented by Jose Priéto (EUMETSAT)

In the session Jose talks generally about the solar channels, how to use them, what are the differences and where they are used. Later on the talk is about monitoring the vegetation and soil properties using the available solar and near-infrared channels. The presentation ends with examples of products for detecting dust and smoke.

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Lecture 2: Cloud Types and their Characteristics

Presented by Andreas Wirth and Yasmin Markl (ZAMG)

The lecture continues on the material from the second chapter of the course that concerned fronts, convection, low cloudiness, atmospheric waves and all types of clouds associated with those processes. In the first part Andreas goes over the Norwegian school once again and through some convective cases. Yasmin later on goes through low cloudiness and fog cases and the lecture finishes with gravity waves.

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Lecture 3: Atmospheric Phenomena

Presented by Marko Blašković (DHMZ)

Marko goes through all the important atmospheric phenomena you can possibly see using satellite imagery. At the beginning the lecture treats smoke and dust with some examples and exercises. After that, ways of detecting precipitation clouds, analysing convection and pollution are shown in a couple of examples and the presentation then ends with a short overview of clear air turbulence visible from satellites.

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Many materials are still kept and sorted out on the course website. The website is hosted by Eumetcal's Learning Management System (LMS) and can be accessed here. If you still don't have an account there you can request it via the login/registration page.

The next edition of the EUMeTrain Basic Satellite Course will be delivered in a different way and more info on it will come at the beginning of 2020.