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Chapter X: External resources and useful links

External resources and useful links

Quick Guide to the Cloud Phase RGB:

Quick Guide to the new microphysical channel:

RGB Colour Guide on the EUMeTrain webpage:

A webcast presentation on the EUMeTrain homepage: Daniel Rosenfeld: New capabilities with high resolution cloud micro-structure facilitated by MTG 2.3 µm channel

Presentation at the EUMETSAT conference (2018) in Tallinn: (Session 3, oral presentation) Mária Putsay: Cloud top microphysical properties studied in Himawari AHI data

Presentation at a CWG workshop: Mária Putsay: New RGB for convection monitoring based on newly available channels in MTG

Case studies in the EUMETSAT Image Library: etc.

Case studies on the EUMeTrain webpage:

Presentation and scientific documents on the method of retrieval of cloud microphysics properties developed by NWCSAF: G.Kerdraon, H.Le Gléau, M-P.Raoul (Meteo France): Improvement of cloud products with MTG-I

H.Le Gléau (2019): Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document for the Cloud Product Processors of the NWC/GEO

G. Kerdraon, H.Le Gléau (Meteo France): "Scientific Report on improving the Cloud Product Processors of the NWC/GEO", NWC/CDOP2/GEO/MFL/SCI/RP/05