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Chapter V: Links and Resources

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TPW product sites

The NESDIS Operational Blended TPW Products:
main web site:

Latest Blended TPW Loops Specifically for Europe:
Blended TPW

Blended TPW Percent of Normal (Anomaly)

Experimental CIRA Blended TPW Products:
main web site:

Two experimental panels over western hemisphere (only TPW):

Experimental Layer Precipitable Water (LPW) Product from CIRA/Colorado State University
main web site - western hemisphere:

Morphed Integrated Microwave Imagery at University of Wisconsin CIMSS – TPW:

Operational NOAA/NESDIS GOES Sounder Product for U.S. and immediate offshore waters at:
or as an alternative:, then go to Soundings, Operational Products: Sounding DPI.

University of Wisconsin/CIMSS GOES Sounder Product Page at main web site that includes layer TPW:

NOAA/NESDIS satellite imagery page for NE Atlantic, NW Africa, West and portions of Central Europe: main web site:

NOAA-METOP AMSU TPW (no TPW overland):

NOAA-METOP Composite AMSU TPW loop (no TPW Overland):

DMSP SSMIS TPW (no TPW overland or in rain areas):

DMSP SSMIS TPW loop (no TPW overland or in rain areas):

Microwave Integrated Retrieval System (MIRS) TPW main web site:

EUMeTrain ePort:

Nowcasting and Very Short Range Forecasting SAF:

Case studies

Record-breaking snow in Moscow and Montreal in 2012 - a tale of two cities (29 November and 27 December 2012):

A series of thunderstorms cause dramatic flooding in Tuscany (12 November 2012):

Central Europe heavy rain event beginning on the night of 13-14 September 2012:

Cold front with severe thunderstorms brings an end to the 2012 Italian summer heat wave (26 August 2012):

Catastrophic Flash Flood on Madeira Island 2010:

GOES Sounder Instability/TPW Application Paper



NOAA - Earth System Research Laboratory: Atmospheric River Information Page

Microwave Remote Sensing: Overview, 2n Edition:

Clouds, Precipitation, & Water Vapour:

GOES-R - Baseline Product Description - TPW:

The ROM SAF Project:



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