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One typical occurence of Cbs and MCSs is within the area of hot air over Spain, in front of an approaching Cold Front.

Common Remarks

The Spanish Plume is a geographically specific case of convection, in which intensive Cb And MCS form over the Spanish plateau and western Europe. There is also a close connection between the Spanish Plume and Non-Orographic Convergence Lines and, especially, between the Spanish Plume and Thickness Ridge Cloudiness , both of which show a similar double structure (i.e. an intensive convective cloud band preceding a visually less intensive Cold Frontal cloud band).

I. Cloud Structure In Satellite Images

Learn about how to recognise and detect the Spanish Plume in satellite images.

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II. Meteorological Physical Background

Find out more about the meteorlogical and physical background of the Spanish Plume.

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III. Key Parameters

Learn which key parameters to use for monitoring the Spanish Plume.

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IV. Typical Appearance In Vertical Cross Sections

Find out the typical appearance of the Spanish Plume in vertical cross sections.

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V. Weather Events

Explore the weather events associated with the Spanish Plume.

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VI. References

Let these comprehensive documents in the references assist you in finding more about the Spanish Plume.

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