Table of Contents


I. Why is Sea Surface Temperature an important parameter?

This chapter presents an overview on the importance of measuring this parameter.

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II. SST physical meaning

The temperature of the ocean is measured at different depths, corresponding to different variables. In this chapter the physical meaning of SST is presented.

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III. Brief history of SST measurements

How were the first estimations of ocean temperatures obtained? What has changed?

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IV. Physical concepts

This chapter presents the physical principles that sustain the estimation of SST from satellite.

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V. Infrared measured SST - Algorithms

The methods to derive SST from satellite sensors operating in the infrared spectral domain are here presented.

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VI. SST from infrared/microwave radiometry

In this chaper a comparison between infrared and microwave SST products is presented.

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VII. Products gallery

In this chapter some examples of SST derived from geostationary and polar orbiting satellites are presented.

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VIII. SST applications

The applications of SST are explored in this chapter.

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