Table of Contents


I. Introduction

Cyclogenesis in the wake of a mountain range.


II. Air-flow over the mountains: the dynamics

In this chapter, we will have a closer look into the dynamics of an airflow hitting an obstacle like a mountain range.


III. Development of a leeward vortex caused by air circulating around the Alps

In this chapter, we will analyse the conditions under which a low-level vortex forms in the wake of a mountain range.


IV. Lee Cyclogenesis

In this chapter we will investigate the main factors influencing the transformation of the low-level vortex into a mesoscale cyclone.


V. Related weather phenomena

Lee cyclones over the Mediterranean Sea often cause intense precipitation over land.


VI. The impact of lee cyclogenesis over the Gulf of Genoa on local winds:
the Mistral and the Bora

In this chapter, we will have a quick look on local wind systems that are strongly influenced by lee cyclogenesis.


VII. Quiz

Test your knowledge on lee cyclogenesis.




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