Weather Events

Parameter Description
  • Shallow stratus (radiation fog): generally no precipitation.
  • Stratus with larger vertical extent (especially advection fog): drizzle, in winter light snowfall or super cooled drizzle.
  • St/Fog covered areas in winter generally warmer, in summer cooler than adjacent cloud-free areas.
  • Reduced diurnal variation of temperature within cloudy areas.
Wind (incl. gusts)
  • For Radiation Fog light or calm wind conditions, for Advection Fog moderate, even slightly gusty winds.
Other relevant information
  • Visibility in Fog below 1000 m. Fluctuations in visibility, when cloud base temporarily lifted or lowered.
  • Icing possible within the super cooled cloud conditions. The most probable location for icing near the cloud top, where droplet size is the largest.

09 November 2005/12.00 UTC - Meteosat 8 IR 10.8 image; weather events (green: precipitation, yellow: fog/mist/haze)