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Mesoscale areas of cloud dissolution within frontal cloud bands driven by sinking cold air on the anticyclonic side of a jet streak.

Common Remarks

This conceptual model "Front Decay" describes a mesoscale dissipation of clouds within a Cold Front.
There are already CM's which deal with the dissipation of frontal clouds like Cold Front In Cold Advection or Cold Front In Warm Advection . Those CM's describe a possible dissipation of the whole frontal cloud band.

Front decay can also be caused by other processes such as deformation (elongation) of the frontal cloud band. Often "Front Decay" happens during the development of the CM of Rapid Cyclogenesis

I. Cloud Structure In Satellite Images

Learn about how to recognise and detect Front Decay in satellite images.

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II. Meteorological Physical Background

Find out more about the meteorlogical and physical background of Front Decay.

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III. Key Parameters

Learn which key parameters to use for Front Decay

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IV. Typical Appearance In Vertical Cross Sections

Find out the typical appearance of Front Decay in vertical cross section

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V. Weather Events

Explore the weather events associated with Front Decay

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VI. References

Let these comprehensive documents in the references assist you in finding more about Front Decay

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