Key Parameters

  • Height of PV=1 PVU:
    In the field of the pressure height of PV=1 PVU a long narrow elongated zone of heights of about 400 hPa is visible, associated with a dark stripe in the WV imagery.
  • 500 hPa geopotential height:
    The distribution of geopotential height often shows a large trough, the trough axis coincident with the highest values of PV. However, the PV field gives a better overview of smaller scale features (see Additional Parameters Indicative Of The Diagnosis Of Cloudiness: Potential Vorticity

Height of PV=1 PVU

01 November 2001/06.00 UTC - Meteosat WV image; red: potential vorticity 318K; position of vertical cross section indicated

500 hPa geopotential height

04 August 2006/12.00 UTC - Meteosat 8 WV6.2 image; green: height contours 500 hPa