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Common Remarks

Cut-Off Low (COL) pressure systems are one of the main precipitation and hazardous weather producing weather systems that affect South Africa. This conceptual model aims to present the various stages of development of a COL over southern Africa and the cloud features and weather associated with it.

Airmass RGB overlaid with 500hPa heights (gpm) valid for 13 July 2012 at 1200UTC

I. Cloud Structure In Satellite Images

Learn about how to recognise and detect Cut-Off Low pressure systems in satellite images.

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II. Meteorological Physical Background

Find out more about the meteorlogical and physical background of Cut-Off Low pressure systems

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III. Key Parameters

Learn which key parameters to use for montoring Cut-Off Low pressure systems

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IV. Typical Appearance In Vertical Cross Sections

Find out the typical appearance of Arctic Cut-Off Low pressure systems in vertical cross section

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V. Weather Events

Explore the weather events associated with Cut-Off Low pressure systems

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VI. References

Let these comprehensive documents in the references assist you in finding more about Cut-Off Low pressure systems

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VII. Special Investigations

Weather Event of the 13th -15th July 2012 and Typical Synoptic sequence and weather associated with COLs around South Africa

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