WELCOME to the FOG simulator

This fog simulator is a computer based simulation tool that can be used by a single person in order to practice a common fog situation with basic data.
The forecast area is Austria but the simulator can be used by all kind of nationalities.
This simulator is NO special tool for aviation meteorologists! The aim is simply to better understand fog physics and processes and to make responsible decisions based on that.
Plan a time window of about 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete this simulator.

TASK:  Make a forecast for an aircraft trip across the Alps (North --> South) between two airports in Austria. 

STORY: A small (four seater) aircraft wants to cross the Alps from north to south (one way) on a day in February. The airport of departure is Linz in Upper Austria (LOWL), the destination airport is Klagenfurt in Carinthia (LOWK). Latest departure time is 13:30* latest arrival time is 15:00. The pilot is unexperienced, therefore there should be no fog or low stratus neither for departure nor for the landing. The duration of the flight is approximately 1 to 1,5 hours. 
(* all times in UTC)

BACKGROUND: Your shift starts at 7:00 and lasts until 12:30. (The clock is running ten times faster, so that in reality the duration is only around 30 minutes!)
You will be provided with lots of different data that you can use to evaluate the weather situation. In between there will be quizzes (09:00 and 11:00), where you can get hints by answering questions and get a step ahead.
While you are doing the quizzes, the time of the simulator will stop. It only runs when the simulator page is open. 

In the end (12:00) you will have to make your final decision whether to fly or not. You might also evaluate the opportunity to approach an alternative airport, such as Graz (LOWG) or Zell am See (LOWZ). 

Map of Austria, including airports and webcams

Technical details:

To control the animations (play, stop, previous, next, etc.) use the buttons above the images.

Recommendations for better experience during the simulation and known bugs:


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