Welcome to the Alpine Meteorology simulator!

Your shift lasts from 1800 in the evening till 0300 in the morning. Usually night shifts are calm and easy, but it is the end of October, the season for autumn storms... 

Your job is to observe the weather and - if necessary - issue a warning.  

You have different material that you can use and examine to get an overview of the weather situation. 

The data will update as time progresses (which occurs in the simulator 15 times faster than in reality). 

On the left hand side different tasks will appear that must be completed to the best of your knowledge. These tasks will also help you to make various decisions. 

Technical details:

To control the animations (play, stop, previous, next, etc.) use the buttons above the images:


Recommendations for better experience during the simulation and known bugs:


Known bugs

Please enter the office now and start preparing for the night. 

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