LST as input for Evapotranspiration Models

The present chapter covers some applications where LST data is currently being used.

Actual Evapotranspiration can be estimated by satellite by using an energy balance method. WACMOS-ET is an ESA project which derives ET estimations from a group of ET models driven by satellite-based inputs. One of these inputs LST, has been computed for a three-year period (2005-2007) for a set of instruments (AATSR (EnviSat), SEVIRI (MSG), MTSAT and GOES-E) using algorithms and inputs as common as possible among all instruments, thus providing a consistent, nearly global dataset for both GEO and LEO platforms.


Fig. 34: Example maps of LST products used in the ESA WACMOS-ET project. Source: The WACMOS-ET Land Surface Temperature dataset. Poster presented at the 6th LSA SAF Workshop: