Summary according to the RGB types

High resolution provides good details of different features. Best used for detection of low clouds and fog, good separation from snow. Especially valley fog can be monitored quite well. This RGB is suitable to prepare images for media.
  • Low clouds and fog (pinkish)
  • Snow (cyan)

Snow RGB
Daytime RGB to monitor snow and to monitor low clouds or fog over snow.
  • Snow (red-orange)
  • Low cloud and fog (white)

Night Microphysics RGB
Nighttime RGB to monitor low clouds and fogs, to separate them from cloud-free surface.
  • Low cloud and fog (light greenish, yellowish)
  • Land (pinkish)
  • Sea (bluish)

RGB can be used day & night. Similar to Dust RGB, but tuned for volcanic ash and SO2 gas plume detection.
  • Volcanic ash (red)
  • SO2 gas plume (green)